The Flash Season 6 Poster
The Flash Season 6 Plot

The Flash Season 6 Plot

Original Release: October 7, 2014 – Present

Genre    :   Action, Adventure, Drama
Created By    :    Greg Berlanti, Geoff Johns, Andrew Kreisberg
No. of seasons    :   Three
Running time    :   42–45 minutes
Stars    :    Grant Gustin | Candice Patton | Danielle Panabaker
Jesse Warn | Millicent Shelton | Rob Hardy | J.J. Makaro
Stefan Pleszczynski | John F. Showalter | Armen V. Kevorkian

The Flash - Season 6 How is it going, fellas? The last season was ravishing, spectacular, agonizing and heartbreaking. The fans had to go through so many emotions at the same time. Right from The Flashpoint to The Finish Line, fans have witnessed a lot of things. The season finale was well executed and the plot was on point. Barry endangering his life and entering the speed force prison was not something which people could have thought of. Well, that is how it is. Looks like the creators will have to come up with a parallel speed force theory this time, for the upcoming episode.

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Rating:   IMDb  / 8.1

The Flash Season 6 Trailer

People are expecting quite a lot from this upcoming season. Unlike Season 5, the last season was a big hit and because of that, the series has managed to grab attention of a lot of viewers. We can expect some great things from the upcoming season. So far, all we know is that the episode will be known as The Flash Reborn, which is a sigh of relief since there were speculations all around that Barry would not be able to make it out of the speed force prison. Fans declared him dead, and because of that, people went crazy.
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This season is more amazing than any of the previous season of The Flash. There is lot of Action and thriller in this upcoming season of The Flash S06. The Flash season 06 is expected to break all record and Become #1 TV serials and Arrow is also releasing its latest season along with Flash , so there would be an obvious competition among both of them. Also we can see both of them The Flash and Arrow working together to fight crime in upcoming episodes because this show is based on DC Multiverse concept. Even though season 6 of The Flash would be aired on TV but still there would be many who would missed its broadcast, can watch it online.
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The Flash Season 6 Spoilers

A New Flash is Coming in the The Flash season 6, Wally West is playing role of Kid Flash. in the Leaked Videos of Flash season 06 it was shown. A mysterious Black Flash is also to be seen. which may be the villain in the upcoming season of the flash. in The Last episodes of Previous Barry Allen travelled back to time to save his mom. in the 2nd or 3rd episode of The Flash we may see super girl. Super girl believed to be cousin sister of superman and she came from the another planet called Kryptonite. This season they are going to introduce more Super Heroes of DC Multiverse. Read Death is presented as Villain in the Lead role in season three. Speedster Read Death was actually a cold war pilot. he messed up in an accident while testing a supersonic fighter jet plane. and he suffered from lightning on the plane. from the reaction of lightning of his supersonic jet he got super powers from that lightning accident. and after gaining super speed he named himself as Red Death. which is name of Hindu god in India. he learned more about super powers and increased his extraordinary abilities and powers. Speedster Read Death can give speed to any human or any object. and he can heal any injury instantly. so his fight with flash is going to be very interesting. lets see how our superhero will defeat Speedster evil.

The Flash Season 6 Predictions

There will be a two part musical crossover with Supergirl, Along with that crossover with Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow are also confirmed.
Get ready to see Cisco in Action with his new powers and awesome Costume.
Two part episodes featuring Gorilla City and the return of Grodd.
Jay Garrick will have an expanded role in the second half of the Season.
jessica Camacho will portray Gypsy in an unidentified episode.