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The Flash Season 6 Episode 6

As the timeline has been tampered with, Wally starts hallucinating about himself becoming the Kid Flash; Barry tells him about whatever had happened during ‘Flashpoint’, explaining to him the possible cause of Wally’s visions. Ramon gets to know about Caitlin’s cryo-powers and persuades her to leave. Barry even confesses to her about how he was responsible for her powers. As the team is about to put an end to the visions and memories, they are attacked by another metahuman. Who is this metahuman? Will our hero be able to put an end to this nemesis? Watch Shade to find out more.
after the 5 episodes of the flash season 6. the season is on its peak. and the flash is hitting the other shows very hard. the flash has gained more popularity than ever in the flash season 6.
its the first episode when the new villain of the series Red Death will appear for the first time. Savitar claims to be god of speed. and his speed is much more than Barry Allen and Wally West.
Red Death is more dangerous than any other human or meta human. while Barry is messed with life Red Death is increasing his powers to defeat team flash. The DC universe Labelled Savitar as “dark master of the speed force.” and when he appear in the show he introduces himself as the god of speed.