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The Flash Season 6 Episode 5

Caitlin, dazed over her cryokinetic powers, visits her mother to get her powers examined. A mammoth monster attacks Central City. Barry is intended on investigating about this newly seen gigantic creature and we get to know that there something more (to the monster) involved. Barry is successful in revealing the truth about the monster in time and a mishap is prevented. Carla, Caitlin’s mother, tells her that her powers were rising and Caitlin should be more cautious, else she might get trapped with her powers forever, making the effects irrevocable. What is the truth about the monster? Is it a friend or a foe? Find out how our beloved superhero is able to solve this mystery in the Monster.
The flash season 6 episode 5 is all about fight. between the flash and the monster. i hope you all enjoyed 4th episode of the flash season 6. last episode of the flash was “The New Rogues”. and now the episode of the flash season 6 “Monster” is ready to be aired.