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The Flash Season 6 Episode 3

The episode opens up with Wells and Jesse returning to Earth-1. We even get to know that she has even gained lightning speed. A new meta human (who calls himself Magenta) with the ability to control metal, attacks the city. There is a lot happening around Central City. Wally scuffles with dismay over realising that he does not have high speed anymore and the prophecy from ‘Flashpoint’ was finally coming out to be true. But the main question is, what was the unseen force that killed Clariss in the cell? What is that flying ball of white light? Another meta human or something more eerie than that? Watch the Magenta to know more.
The role of magenta in the flash is played by a guest star Joey King. Magenta got superpowers to control any metal. like the Erik in the X-men series. Magenta is trying to destroy the city by using his superpowers in the episode 3 of the flash.
Flash is The most popular American Show. as expected the flash is performing better than all of its competitor TV shows. Arrow season. and super-girl. The Flash season 6 is based on the story-line by DC comics. and the lead role is performed by Barry Allen aka the Flash.Flash got more speed than the light itself. and the villains also got superpowers to flight with the flash.