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The Flash Season 6 Episode 2

The timeline does not fully reset, but changes. People (particularly, his allies) have lost faith in Barry and are even angry with him. As Barry is about to travel back (to fix whatever is wrong with this timeline), he is approached by Jay Garrick (original Flash from the DC Universe), who tells Barry that he cannot undo what has been done. Barry should learn to live with the mistakes he has made. We even get to know about a secret related to the ‘Flashpoint’, and also a secret about Caitlin. An unseen force is at work as well in the background. What is this unseen force? Is it another Flash from some parallel universe? Will Barry’s allies reconcile with him?
The Flash season 6 episode 2 is a story about a conman man who want to be happy in his simple life. the flash want to be as simple as possible. he is a crime sense investigator in the Police department. Barry Allen still have superpowers but he don’t want to use it. in this episode flash tells to Barry Allen the situation. the side effects and stress of being the flash.
Having traveled back in time to prevent his mother’s murderas we seen in the previous season. Barry is Travelled Back in time and prevented death of His Mother. and Now Barry is living with the parents.
Barry Got everything back he ever wanted to get back. Mom, dad, friends, girlfriend, a good life and everything. so of course Allen is happy with his personal life. Barry is finally free from the all the worries and side effects of being a superhero. The Previous villains Eboard and Zoom in the season 5 and season 5 of the flash almost destroyed his life. but now Barry Allen is recovered. Barry is worried about a thing only. and that’s time. the fiction of the that can destroy him again.
With the rising of super villains the world need some supers heroes. like the flash and super-girl. flash need to sacrifice his conman life and back as the flash to save the world.
Barry Allen Meets a Reporter Iris. while Iris was trying to find purse. Barry Allen asks Iris for A Lunch. then Barry and Iris meet on a lunch and then they start dating continuously. so Iris is going to be Barry Allen’s Girlfriend of wife very soon. when Iris asked to Barry about Past Life. Barry Suffers from “Flashness” again. and it may cause the return of Barry All as The Flash. Barry Allen find that Wally West is the Kid flash. Barry tries to reach the origin story of kid flash in the episode 2 of the flash season 6.
Barry Allen’s Mom and Dad are shown alive in the episodes. the flash traveled back in the time to save his parents. and now they are back in flash’s life. and the flash is not alone anymore. but the world is alone and unsecured without a superhero. the superhero “The Flash”. who can save peoples from villains and evil superpowers.