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The Flash Season 6 Episode 16

As we already know, things between Barry and Iris have turned sour. Maybe bringing Wally back safely will help in healing whatever’s bad between them. Not much can be said about the episode, as plenty of unexpected things have started happening lately. Do watch the episode, Into the Speed Force to find out more.
Going along with the fan theories and Reddit inputs, this episode will be somewhat closely related to the events that follow after Barry (yet again) defeats Savitar. We might encounter another villain from another timeline that will cause menace in Central City. Fans are especially excited for this episode as they believe that this new villain will be Captain Boomerang (famously known from the DC movie, Suicide Squad). George Harkness is an illegitimate son of an American soldier and an Australian woman. Being raised in poverty and his boomerang throwing skills made him develop an alter ego which goes by the name Captain Boomerang. Beware, he is a recurring enemy of Flash.