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The Flash Season 6 Episode 10

With the final trailer out a few days ago, we are all set to witness yet another astonishing (hopefully) episode of The Flash. The final trailer for Borrowing Problems from the Future opens up with Dr. Wells complimenting Barry and Iris and congratulating them on their successful relationship. That is quite ironic in nature, since we know that a strange fate is yet to befall them. Barry is afraid as he has already seen what Savitar does to Iris. He knows that Savitar will kill Iris, because fate can never be changed. But he assures her that he would not let anything happen to her. Thus, Barry and team decide to decipher and analyze every single event that Barry saw that lead to Iris’s death. A lot of time travel is about to happen, timelines will get tampered with, anything speculated or not can happen. Meanwhile, Caitlin has also started showing her Killer Frost instincts. The plot is getting more gripping as we are heading midway to this season. Just one more day and everything will get unfolded. Hang on to your seat belts, fans!
Okay, the promo for the tenth episode is out and there is certainly a lot of stuff going on. The time lapse has caused a lot of tumult, and problems are arising. Barry and Kid Flash are intended (and are quite sure) that they can alter the future and prevent Iris’s death. On the other side, Plunder (a meta human-cum-bounty hunter) is at work as well. Maybe the Flash from Earth-19 will come back to Earth-1, or vice versa. But, as we know that parallel earth stories generally bound to induce confusion, speculation would surely lead to nowhere. A lot of things are about to happen and we just hope that our superhero is well braced because ‘borrowing problems from the future’ could be savage.